Water filter made of wood

Courtesy: N.R. Fuller, Sayo Studio

Inspired by nature, Xylem Water Filter uses the xylem conduits and microscopic pores that naturally occur in the wood of certain trees to clean water. Made from abundantly-available wood, Xylem Water Filter is natural, chemical-free, and biodegradable. Each filter is disposable, filtering 10-100 liters of water using a few grams of wood.

What can be filtered?

Video credits: MIT Mechanical Engineering

Xylem Water Filter can remove biological contaminants and particulates. In lab tests, >99.9% of bacteria and viruses were filtered from synthetic test waters. In field tests, the filters removed coliform bacteria from contaminated spring, tap, and ground waters. The ability of Xylem Water Filter to remove chemical contaminants has not been tested.

Current stage of development

Xylem Water Filter has been tested in the lab and in the field. Further development and testing, including adoption of best practices and quality control measures for making the filters, is necessary before Xylem Water Filter can be recommended for drinking water use.

Interested in Xylem Water Filter?

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